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The Trinidad City water treatment plant is two miles up the road and provides clean, mountainsourced water for Willowrun’s cabins and campus. Trinidad city water feeds an automated watering system for a distinctive 500 sq. ft. geodesic dome greenhouse near the cabins produces year-around food. 

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Willowrun is the outdoor enthusiast’s dream. A spacious gazebo on the river with storage provides the perfect place to entertain, camp, and fish.

A beautiful arched steel ATV bridge allows access to the back of the property with smaller bridges and pass-overs along trails that are sculpted into the meadow, willow, and along the ridge to the top that offers a breathtaking view of the snow-capped Sangre de Cristo mountains fourteen miles away.

Willowrun’s landscape includes native trees and xeriscape plants to feed pollinators. Trails wind through secluded areas and offer habitat for white-tail and mule deer, bears, foxes, beavers, eagles, heron, and ducks.

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